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Hometown: RVA

Current City: Richmond VA

I am fresh out of VCU with a shinny framed marketing diploma on my wall! My room is filled with high heels and music posters. I love the brand name look with the dollar menu price tag, if ya’ know what I am saying. Not only are my nails an extension of my soul, but also they serve as great fashion accessory!

About Me:
The most awkward song that I have been caught singing to at a stop light… “I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It” By Katy Perry. Yeah, that was a long light.

If your friend saw your Netflix most recent played, which one would you have to explain… Confession, I am obsessed with teen girl shows! I NEED to know who “A” is on Pretty Little Liars & my first real love was Seth on the O.C.!!!

What celeb would you want to fight…I could go with Miley Cyrus here but I am scarred of her. I would take on Penelope Taint, the girl that stalked Amanda Bynes on the The Amanda Show…Because I am Amanda’s real number one fan.

Who do you feel like you know, that you have NEVER met before… Adele, I feel like I read her diary after I heard her sing.

You’re on a two-week cruise and there is only one restaurant…. Well this one is easy Chipotle. Breakfast. Lunch. & Dinner.

If you are put in the Witness Protection Program and you must reinvent yourself… I call dibs in a shack in Porto Rico, dye my hair red, and bartend for tourists on the beach.

Your phone is stuck on one app, which one is it… Well hopefully Instagram, how would I know how many likes I got on my last post!?!

Fell asleep on a train who are you next to when you wake up: your BFF, Family, or the love of your life… My big sister, I couldn’t go on any real adventure with out my bodyguard! Oh & my dog has to come too!

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